Dining Room Makeover

We ventured out for another Ikea trip after realizing we were unhappy with our current dining room set up. We had never been in love with our dining table, and we found we never used the table and it tended to be a catch all for random things. We also decided we wanted a more functional space for Kelly to create cards. With that in mind, we headed to the mecca of florgans and gluboffs determined to make a dining room we were happy with and would use. Below you can see the dining room before.

How do you solve a problem like this dining room?

The catch all dining room

We started by clearing the room. We are selling our old table on Chicago Craigslist if anyone is interested.

Then we struggled up with all the boxes (we had 5 big and very heavy boxes). We finally got everything in and began unpacking and laying all the pieces out in preparation for building. We started by building the 12 drawer unit that will house all of Kelly’s card making supplies, other craft supplies and some other dining and kitchen wares.

The back of the 12 drawer unit

We then put the legs on the other piece of butcher block countertop to attach to the drawer unit.

Chris adjusting the legs

We attached the counter top creating our epic workspace for cards, crafts and all else, as well as large eating and serving areas and the perfect space for playing games. Once the counter was secured we set about assembling the 12 drawers. We discovered the new table top was a great place to create a drawer factory.

Laying out drawer assembly line

More drawers...

Once we had finished the drawers we set about building the chairs.

Chair building

Once the chairs were finished we just had to do a spot of cleaning and we were finished.

The finished product. Comfortable stools, giant work space and a surplus of storage

We had worked up quite the appetite so we set the table for our first dinner.

Our first dinner

Storage, storage and more storage

Yummy pizza from Homemade Pizza Co looks so yummy on the new table

A side view

A view from above

So that is the finished product… for now. We had wanted to pick up some curtain panels for our windows but Ikea was picked over and was out of what we needed. That is a project for another day. We are also anxious to sell our old chairs so that we can get a feel for the uncluttered space.  We’ll post more pictures when we move out the old furniture and get the window treatments up, stain/finish the table and add a centerpiece.


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3 Responses to Dining Room Makeover

  1. Janet Hogue says:

    OMG! That looks AMAZING! What a perfect solution! I should get something like that for my cards, etc. Those drawers will be great for all of the card paraphernalia and the space is much more usable. I can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. Kait says:

    I love the way the drawer thing fits under the table like that but then it all connects to give a bigger surface space. So clever! That will be a dream for all of the card making supplies. I love the chairs too. Very cute and homey.

    The pizza looks good too… yum!

    I am still hoping for some Kelly Harland original card masterpieces…maybe the table will be a enabler to their manufacture. Love you guys!

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